About The Founder

Sam Dhatt - CEO and Founder of DermaQuest
Sam Dhatt
Founder & CEO
DermaQuest is pleased to offer a comprehensive line of outstanding skincare products for professional and home use. As lead chemist and CEO, Sam Dhatt directs DermaQuest from a place of knowledge and understanding about the multifaceted world of skincare. With over 20 years of experience, Sam has formulated and created skincare products for hundreds of companies since founding DermaQuest in 1999. With an MS in Chemistry from GND University in Amritsar, India, and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Poona University in India, Sam has skillfully channeled his knowledge and passion for skincare into DermaQuest. Fueled with a desire to create the most advanced and results-driven skincare formulations, tapered to the needs of professionals and clients alike, Sam leads a team of accomplished chemists who share his philosophy and dream of developing nonpareil products. Their knowledge, paired with ever-growing and innovative technology, has birthed the impressive DermaQuest collection. The quest continues.